Olympic diver Tom Daley is usually not very shy about his body (for example, when he takes an ice bath in front of the camera…) – but having your bum exposed in front of the whole world, live, is still embarrassing.

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Tom talks about that moment, and answers other pressing matters, in his latest “Ask Tom Daley” video.

Tom Daley pool
Photo: YouTube

23-year-old Tom Daley was asked in his latest Q&A video whether he had “Any wardrobe malfunctions during the competition?”

And indeed – he has…

Yes, many a time wardrobe malfunctions. One in particular in the World Series in 2015, I hit the water and I forgot to do my trunks up. So I hit the water, and by the time I hit the water, my trunks were literally around my ankles.

And of course it’s live on the big screens, my bum comes up on the screen, and I was absolutely mortified. But what can you do… there were lots of bubbles going on so no one so too much, but from them on I’ve made sure I’ve done up my trunks extra tight.

In another part of the video, Tom also reveals the thing he loves to do when he’s together with his husband, Dustin Lance Black – even after five years together. And it’s NOT what you think (or maybe it is – because he blushes right before he gives the answer…)

Watch it all right here:

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