TV loves presenting relationships between straight women and gay men in a certain, stereotypical light. But what’s it like in real life?

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The same, at least for this guy on Reddit, who got sick and tired of his female friend asking him to be “a good gay friend” – meaning fashion advice, mall shopping, and celebrity gossip.

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“Why do women treat us like pets?”, the guy begins his rant, and explains why he had to “break up” with his best friend.

I used to have a female friend. Used to. We had a huge fight and we won’t be speaking again.


She was my best friend ever since we started school back in 2000. We got along from the moment we met until I came out. The second after I came out to her, our relationship completely changed.


All of the sudden, I wasn’t helping her with homework, or staying up late to calm her when she was hysterical, or going to her with parties because she couldn’t get a date, or driving her to another city to see her sick grandfather.


Oh no. After that, I was only good for shoe shopping, going to the hairdresser, talking about nail polish shades, or if I wanted to join a cheer-leading squad (I don’t).


Listen lady, the fact that I’m a homosexual doesn’t change who I am, my personality, my tastes, or whether now I have the power to tell you if x shoes go with y belt.


Let’s go to the mall and parade like the shops belong to us!
Lady, I have a job. I don’t have time to go window shopping for hours (and not buy anything at the end of the day)


Can you believe what x celebrity just did?
Lady, I don’t care for (celebrity) gossip. I don’t care what’s on page 56 of Cosmo. And I definitely don’t care if Mickey just broke up with Sue!


Do you think that guy is into me or into you?
Lady… ugh. No comment.


Which dress should I wear if I want to get laid?
Lady, I’ve never been into fashion. What makes you think that I know about this?

We got into an argument because I brought up all this (and many more things) and I wanted to know why she changed so much. And do you know what she said?


That I wasn’t being a good gay friend to her.
A gay friend.

So all of the sudden I wasn’t me anymore. I was just a bloody stereotype!