Sometimes life feels like a cliché or at least like an old episode of Sex and The City. Some gay men like to talk about boys and fashion. Some don’t. Some have other interests… but what do you do when people push you into a stereotyped corner?

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This guy on Reddit is tired of women expecting him to be that “gay friend”. He wants more.

“FFS this always happens. A woman gets to know me, then expects me to be their flamboyant gay friend who likes to talk about boys and fashion.

Look, I usually just wear black or dull colours and I don’t like to talk about boys.

If they get especially close to me they start calling me be “gurl” and I’m like, I’m not a “gurl,” I have a penis I’m a guy. I am a little effeminate but I’m not flamboyant.”

But in the comments, a woman jumped in with an opposite story:

“Actually I’m finding this seriously funny..

I’m a woman, and I enjoy talking about science, and politics, and religion, and economics…

But ever since one of my friends came out as gay (long time in the closet), all HE wants to talk to me about is boys and fashion… Drives me up the wall!!”

So, which one are you?

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