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The size question keeps bothering some men, it would seem – but sometimes it’s not even about sex. As it turns out, some men feel the problem with having a big dick, is that… it’s a “social taboo.”

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That’s what this guy on Reddit feels, as he says that people “just get weird when they find out you have a big dick.”

“Some guys get all super defensive and talk about how size doesn’t matter (LOL replied every female ever) and it’s all about how you use it, like it’s a historical fact that no person with a big dick has ever figured out how to be good at sex.

Even my parents, when they found out I was hung (drunk girlfriend started blabbing, ugh) they acted like it meant I was going to go out and rape everything with a vagina.

Do you have a big dick? You’re not allowed to talk about it, ever, because you’ll make every other guy insecure and couples will have an awkward drive home that night.

For real it feels like there’s a big social taboo against mentioning you have a big dick. ESPECIALLY if you are white/native american like me since everyone knows only black people have big dicks.”

Some of the commenters, on the aptly named “Big Dick Problems” subreddit, were quick to agree, offering their own perspective.

Well, it’s a social taboo to tell people you’re rich. It’s considered crass.

It’s a social taboo to say, “I’m really beautiful.” It’s considered arrogant.

In other words, this isn’t a big dick problem. This is a “society doesn’t like people who brag” problem.

If you don’t brag about your big dick, I doubt you ever run into any social taboo at all.

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