As we see time and time again, size DOES matter to some – but sometimes, it’s because they need something smaller… as is the case for this guy on Reddit who is tired of all those guys with a huge penis that he can’t handle.

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Man Holding a nut

“I want to be versatile”, he writes, “but every time I meet a guy and hit it off, he ends up being huge (the smallest has been 7 inches. The rest are 8-10 and thick like a redbull can)”.

And he does try to make it work somehow – but it’s a real pain:

Because it is so tricky to find a good guy, I tend to try to make it work, which basically means I become an exclusive top.

For the 7″ guy I managed to bottom, but only with like months of trying, tons of lube, patience, a set of graduated plugs and dildos, and lots of praying. I am sick to death of sex being such a chore and I never want that again. It kills the spontaneity and I hate it.

Obviously the world average is around 5-6 inches, and the fact that I have never seen a dick under 7 inches in person defies those odds. I have to conclude that porn has set unreasonable standards and all you <7″ dudes are hiding.

SO, I need to shout out the under 7 inch club. Please don’t be shy because of what you’re packing. Is there a guy right now that you’re afraid to chat/hook up with because you think he’ll judge your D? Fuck him if he does.

Please know that there is at least one dude (me) out there who is outright craving you. 4 inches? Amazing. When I finally unzip a dude’s pants and see a dick I can take, I’m gonna lose my mind on it.

Just needed to get that off my chest. Go proudly into the world, under 7″ club. When I find you, you’ll know it’s me.

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