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Some straight men are adventurous enough to try some anal play. The problem is – they’re not experienced enough, they don’t know what to do… and sometimes, things end up going very wrong…

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who was talked by his girlfriend into trying a buttplug for the first time. He was into the idea – but maybe a little… too in.

“Me and my girlfriend came up with the awesome idea to go to the local sex shop and get something so we can have fun”, he writes. “On the way there she tells me she wants to get me a little buttplug and wants me to put it in while I fuck her. I wasn’t excited about it, but for whatever reason figured why not.”

Why not, indeed? But even though it started out well enough – things eventually took a wrong turn.

“So we get to the store, look around for a while, then get to the giant wall of anal toys.

She’s trying to get me to pick one, and I’m honestly pretty shy about being in public and buying a buttplug, so I quickly pick a small one that has a little hole you can stick your finger in and wear as a ring.

Fast forward a few hours… We start doing our thing, I do foreplay for her first, then she gets to me. After giving head for a while she tells me to roll over.

I know it’s game time, and I’ve prepared myself for this now, so I roll over, hike my ass up, and tell her to do it. She lubes me up good, and slowly works the toy in, didn’t feel too good to be honest, but it’s in there.

So we start having some serious sex, really hard, squeezing, choking, breathing heavily, rolling around, and I feel the buttplug 100%.

This is going on for a few minutes and I slow down for a minute to catch my breath, and when I do I realize the buttplug feels completely different, it doesn’t hurt anymore, I could actually barely feel it.

So I go to grab the little ring hole and it is not there. I immediately pull out and start looking all over the bed for it, and I can’t find it.

I tell my girlfriend what’s going on and she has me bend over so she can see if she can see it, she can’t of course. So I go into full freak out mode because I do not want to be the guy who has to go to the hospital for getting something stuck up in his ass.

So I run in the bathroom and try to make myself poop, and after a solid 30 seconds of pushing, sure as shit the buttplug pops out and drops to the bottom of the toilet.”

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