We often hear stories of “straight” men who are “curious” in some shape or form about other men. But can a guy not care at all about sex between men (according to him), but care a LOT about seeing other big penises – and, even more so – get validation for his own?

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That’s the situation with this guy on Reddit, who has a girlfriend that he loves and cares about – but just can’t stop watching porn with men who have big penises, and that alone.

Additionally, he’s obsessed with showing other people on video chat (men and women) his own penis – so that they can be impressed with his size.

“My penis is well above average (around 7.5 inches if anybody cares)”, he writes, “My sex life is OK, some positions are a little painful for her, but she likes it.”

So far so good – but that’s where things get complicated:

“The problem is I watch a lot of porn, and I think 80% of it is about big dicks, I even have a system to find new porn on this category.

I tried to change to watch more porn with women only but I quickly find myself going back to the usual.

The thing that really bothers me is that I need validation. Very frequently I spend a lot of time taking pictures of myself and then post some on Reddit.

Other times I go to “omegle” and masturbate while people watch me, it feels very good to see people (doesn’t matter the gender) getting jealous and/or horny looking at me.

I have a girlfriend that I love and care a lot about, but I can’t control it, if she knew about these things she would be very jealous, personally I don’t feel that’s bad because I don’t feel like cheating, but I also know it’s not something to be proud of.

Sometimes I feel that my size is too important to me, I had really bad self esteem in my adolescence, but then one day I found out I had a “big” dick, that was a big boost to my confidence, and maybe even changed a lot of my life.

I know that penises are not everything, I read all the articles saying it’s not that important. But even then I sometimes look at myself and compare to what I see on the internet and feel inadequate.

I know it is a terrible place to compare, but it’s stronger than me. My dick is pretty big, but I want to be impressive, I want to amaze. I fantasize about it, and maybe even obsess about it.

I feel like it is all I have to differentiate me from the others, I am not that good looking and far from an impressive body.

I have been complimented on a lot of things, like being smart and funny and all that, but I have to admit that the foundation of my confidence is my penis.”

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