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Size issues usually relate to people who assume they’re too small. But we often see that people who are “too big”, also have issues to deal with. One such guy, is even worried that his sex partners only want him for his big penis.

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“I know how this sounds”, writes the young man on the aptly named subreddit, “BigDickProblems”, “But I really am starting to think this is the case.”

And he explains:

I’m pretty well endowed, and I’ve never been in a satisfying relationship.

We always go good for about a month after a bunch of sex and I get dropped, everyone knows about my size and I actually find it annoying.

I’d rather no one know because of what I feel like it’s brought me. It’s made me a man-whore without even trying when all I want at this point is a real relationship. I wanted to know if any other guys have had this problem.

Judging from some of the responses he got, he’s not alone in this situation.

“Dude. I know exactly what you mean. It got so bad in high school that I got the nickname “BIG (real first name)”. The girls giggled. The boys were jealous. Then the teachers somehow found out why people were calling me this new nickname. WTF?! I feel your pain bro.”

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