Size doesn’t matter? It often does, especially when your partner is… “too” blessed. That’s the issue this guy on Reddit is having – and his fellow-men are offering advice.

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Man holding eggplant. Too big?

“So my boyfriend and I decided after quite a while to take the next step and have sex”, he writes. But it’s not as easy as it sounds:

I knew before hand that it wouldn’t be easy because of the much larger than average size of his dick, but I didn’t realise it would be so difficult.

I’ve tried researching how to work around this problem but it’s still far from comfortable for me and it’s starting to have an negative affect on him and our relationship, he’s scared I’m going to leave him which he shouldn’t worry about because I love the big old weirdo.

I was hoping that some of you wonderful people might have some personal advice to give two very horny guys?

The commenters on Reddit came to the rescue – with advice and tips:

Wanting it bad enough and practice, practice, practice is how it’s done. There is no reason the two of you can’t have fun practising until you get it right. Expecting it to be perfect in the beginning or for it to always be perfect is a fool’s game.

Just use lots of lube, maybe too much lube for a while and go slow until it’s right for the both of you.

The lube will slide by any potential problems. It’s the not relaxing, tightening up out of fear or just ramming it in etc., that would cause any internal problems.

In the beginning I learned to concentrate on taking long, deep breath as a guy enters (not before or after, but during) and then going slow until I was use to the activity and my fears about it had subsided.

And perhaps – a new position can help:

There’s actually a bend in your intestines, right after the first part which is your rectum. He’s probably hitting this bend (which might feel like having your insides punched) and some positions aren’t doing you any favours in this situation; namely doggy.

Try missionary; if you’re having alignment issues, put the necessary amount of pillows under your butt. He can still penetrate fully in missionary (has to arch the small of his back when thrusting) and it should be more enjoyable for you.

Another trick you might try is to do a really long kegel before every push (in the beginning). Engage your muscles like you want to stop peeing and hold this for as long as you can. When you can’t hold it any longer, tell him and have him push deeper inside.

The kegel beforehand should help you relax your muscles down there. Do this till he’s completely inside you, then let yourself adjust for a while. Have him start with shallow thrusts and gradually make them deeper.