It could have been such a lovely view – Stephen Amell, the Arrow, with his impressive… abs, standing around half-naked on a Pride Parade float.

Would have fit right in, right? Well, he DID want to do it. Alas, there was a problem… so at least he got to see penises elsewhere. We kid you not.

Stephen Amell's New Arrow Costume
Photo: The CW

With Pride parades happening all over the world this month (Except for the London one, which will happen on July 8), many celebrities, both gay and straight, are taking part – and Stephen wanted to be among them.

Alas, he’s in Canada, but not in Toronto, where the main Pride marched:

And it’s a real shame, too, because Stephen, who was in Vancouver, was “prepared to ride a float.”

Men Bang SFW William Seed 700

But Stephen had to settle with watching Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, marching in Toronto.

Oh well. At least Stephen had other places to see penises this weekend. Wait, what? Yes! At the “World Naked Bike” event in Portland.

So next year, we expect Stephen to ride float. While on a bicycle. Naked. And that’s it.