It’s no secret that Stephen Amell, in his role as The Green Arrow on The CW’s Arrow, is one of the most buffed up actors on TV.

Which is why it was surprising, when several Twitter trolls decided to body shame him, over a photo that allegedly showed a belly not worthy of his usual six-pack. Stephen decided to fight back – and answered the shamers, plus his cousin, fellow actor Robbie Amell.

Stephen Amell arrow body shaming
Photos: The CW / Twitter

It all started with this picture, which showed Stephen at a baseball game last week, along with his cousin Robbie. He had some time to have fun, since Season 5 of Arrow finished recently, and the new one hasn’t begun filming yet.

Some “fans” were critical of Stephen’s supposed belly in the photo.

Of course, body shaming in any shape or form is disgusting, but shaming a man over THAT is simply ridiculous. Stephen took to Twitter to respond.

“So I take two months off after working non stop from July 2014 through April 2017…one photo shows up on the internet… And people take to my timeline to poke fun at my stomach from a long lens photo. Who the sweet (expletive) do you think you’re tweeting at?!”

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In response to the whole ordeal, cousin Robbie pitched in by jokingly tweeting “Fatty” in response. Stephen replied by proving otherwise – showing his very-much-there six-pack.

So don’t worry, the Arrow will be just as hot as you remembered him next season. And no wonder, with all the crazy workout he’s doing.