The best looking couple of our dreams this winter (and only dreams for now, unfortunately) were openly gay Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, and his super-hot crush – singer Shawn Mendes.

The two even had the most adorable photo together during the Oscars. And now – Shawn himself finally speaks up about Adam’s well known crush…

Adam Rippon Shawn Mendes
Photo: Instagram

28-year-old Adam Rippon was on Ellen last month, where he said he was “Sleeping on Shawn Mendes” (on, not with!), until he finally realised how hot the popular 19-year-old Canadian singer is.

Then, at the Oscars, Adam went for it – and took a photo with Shawn – “I planted the seed and I saw the harvest” –

Now, in an interview on Fresh 102.7fm, Shawn addresses that famous photo – and that famous crush.

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“Did you know how big his crush on you was when you took that picture?”, the host asks.

“I did, the day before. It’s crazy, that was the most my social media’s blown up in months, when he started talking about me, so I saw him at the after-party and I went to say Hi. He’s a really cool guy.”

The host then reminds Shawn that Adam gave up Harry Styles, his previous crush, for him.

I know, which is… I can’t believe that, that’s crazy.

Well, we can’t wait for the next photo-op. For now, watch the full interview right here – the Adam Rippon bit comes at the end: