Popular singer Shawn Mendes and fellow singer Charlie Puth have had an ongoing friendship for a while now – but one of the things that always sparked our imaginations, was Charlie’s constant talk about the gym selfies that he sends Shawn. In a new interview, Shawn had a lot to say about that…

Shawn Mendes Charlie Puth
Photos: Instagram

19-year-old Canadian singer Shawn Mendes and 26-year-old American singer Charlie Puth were touring together last year, though we were even more interested when they were having shirtless fun on the beach.

The gym selfies thing started when Shawn revealed on radio that Charlie “sent him a picture of himself”.

Charlie himself also addressed the issue in this video, saying how they also worked out together while on tour:

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Last week, following the release of Shawn Mendes’ two new songs (“In My Blood” and “Lost in Japan”), Shawn was a guest on 104.3 MYfm, where he was asked point-blank whether Charlie and him send selfies to each other, “comparing their bodies.”


“They were on the road together”, one of the hosts says, “but now they’re not on the road together, so I’m wondering – Are you still sexting each other?”

Shawn, adorable as always, gets all red – and insists that’s NOT a thing.

“Charlie once sent me a photo of him. I didn’t reply with a photo. I don’t know why he’s bragging about this like this is a thing he should be telling people.

I gotta text him. No more of that!”

You can watch the full interview right here – the Charlie Puth segment starts at #7:50.