Last week, we told you about an “experiment” on BBC Radio in which Harry Styles was hooked up to a heart rate monitor, and his heart rate spiked up when a photo of a shirtless Ryan Gosling was shown to him.

Now, Ryan himself has something to say about Harry’s heart longing for his shirtless version.

Harry Styles and Ryan Gosling
Photo: New Line Cinema / Deposit Photos – S_Bukley

When shown the shirtless Ryan Gosling, the 23-year-old singer’s heart rate jumped up to 80. When questioned about it, all Harry was willing to say was – “He’s great.”

In an interview with ExtraTV during Comic-Con, Ryan jokingly said he was worried for Harry’s… health.

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I’m more concerned he might have a heart condition. It’s less about me and more about something more serious…

My prayers are with him and I hope he has a safe and swift recovery.”

Watch it here (the sound isn’t very good though) –

h/t: BoyCulture