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A boxing match between the three Jonas brothers? It’s probably a fantasy for many of our readers. But who would win? Nick Jonas believes he knows the answer.

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Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas
Photo: Deposit Photos – Jean Nelson

As we all know, Nick Jonas was once part of The Jonas Brothers band, along with his brothers, Joe and Kevin. Ever since the group disbanded in 2013, they all went their separate ways, with Nick becoming a successful singer, actor and stud, Joe forming his own band called DNCE, and Kevin doing, well, stuff.

In an interview with CelebsNOW, Nick was asked: If the three of you were in a boxing ring, which of you would win? to which he replied:

I’d definitely win. In Kingdom I play a fighter and we really do the training, so it’s a little unfair. It’s not even a macho thing. It’s strictly logic. It would be hard for them to beat me in a fight.

Nick Jonas - Kingdom
Photo: DirectTV

Sounds logical indeed. In the interview, Nick also talks about the women in his life, and about his many, many selfies which we’re not seeing for some reason: “I have four years’ worth of photos on my phone – that’s about 10,000, and 800 of them are selfies!”. Let the world enjoy them Nick!

It also turns out there’s at least ONE part in Nick’s body which is not straight: “I’m starting to [show my teeth in photos] more now. I’m kind of over being insecure about it. I was insecure about it for a long time because they’re not perfectly straight.”

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