While we’ve had a lot of fun with Nick Jonas teasing his gay fans all over the place, it turns out there’s another brother familiar with gay clubs – Joe Jonas. Turns out he has “accidentally” visited gay clubs more than once – and even along with his brother Nick.

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Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas
Photo: Deposit Photos – Jean Nelson

In an interview with PrideSource Joe talks about his new disco album, “SWAAY”, and – about his gay fans, and going to gay clubs.

I went to a gay club with Nick a few months ago – it was really fun!“, he says. But even that wasn’t his first time:

I’ve accidentally gone to gay clubs before! I think that’s happened to a few people. But, you know, it was cool. We went out with some of our friends who are gay. I just think we live in a world where obviously it’s not a big deal – it’s fine – and you can have fun wherever you go and make the best of it.

And how did he realize he was in a gay club? Of course: “Getting hit on by more men than you would usually get hit on by. It’s flattering. I don’t mind… if someone is nice.

Joe also talks about his days with The Jonas Brothers, and their reactions back then to their gay fans:

“We would see gay fans here and there come to shows, and we were always very happy to say hi, and (be) loving. It always made us happy. And like, you’d see a sign or two that would say something kind of funny… I just hope that with my new music – and like Nick – I’ll be able to reach out in my own way and really get people to feel comfortable.”

Read the full interview right here, and watch Joe’s “Cake By The Ocean” clip right here: