The Eurovision song contest doesn’t only supply us with a list of catchy songs every year – but also with a list of hot men.

One of the hottest male performers in 2018 is Mikolas Josef, who represents the Czech Republic. And once you see him shirtless… you’ll understand why.

Mikolas Josef eurovision
Photo: Instagram

Mikolas Josef is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from the Czech Republic, who started out as a model (no wonder…). Following his modelling career, he started working as a street performer in various Europeans cities, and eventually released successful singles in his home country.

Mikolas will represent his country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Portugal on May 12, with the song “Lie to Me”. We’ll show you the video clip of his catchy song in a minute – but first, let’s have a look at his Instagram…

He’s a singer, yes, but also…

A mirror selfie!

Really adorable

Mikolas’ Eurovision song, “Lie to Me”, is kind of cheeky, with lyrics such as:

I know you ‘bop-whop-a-lu bop’ on his wood bamboo
When you were still seeing me and well he didn’t even knew hmm
But God damn it come and count to three now sit down GGY
I’m on fire

Go ahead and bop-who-a-lu-bop with him, with this official music video: