It’s that time of the year again – gay men all over Europe (and let’s face it – all over the world) are gearing up with snacks and cheeky commentary, in preparation for the gayest event of the year – also known as the Eurovision Song Contest.

And just like catchy pop tunes and cheesy ballads, hot men are also a permanent fixture of the competition – and 2017 is no exception.

Eurovision 2017 hottest guys

So without further ado – here are the hottest men of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held on May 13 in Kyiv. (And hey, we couldn’t feature them all – just because someone’s not on this list, doesn’t mean they’re NOT hot… Plus, we skipped the minors – while they have a promising future, we’ll stick with the over-18-year-olds for the purpose of staring at hot men).

1. Imri – “I Feel Alive” / Israel

25-year-old Imri Ziv, born and raised in Tel Aviv, is no stranger to the Eurovision, having participated as a backing vocalist for two previous performers from Israel, in 2016 (Hovi Star) and 2015 (Nadav Guedj).

Now it’s time for Imri to take his spot in front of the spotlight – and for good reason. He’s a good singer with a catchy tune, but that’s hardly the first thing you’ll notice about him. No, the first thing will be… that:

Resting 🙂 #3days

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Need another one, you say? OK –

☀️🇮🇹☀️ #sicily #italy

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And you can listen to his song, and watch him dance in the streets of Tel Aviv (while trying to bring 90’s “Break-dancing” back into our lives), right here:

2. Nathan Trent – “Running On Air” / Austria

Twinks seem to be a thing of the past in this year’s Eurovision – and while Nathan (and Imri) are far from being bears, they do carry that rugged, muscular look.

25-year-old Nathan is the son of an Italian mother and an Austrian father, which created his unique good looks. He’s been writing songs from a very early age, he speaks two languages (German and Italian), And… he looks like this:

Nathan’s music video includes some beautiful, breathtaking views – and the mountains and lakes are nice too:

3. Robin Bengtsson – “I Can’t Go On” / Sweden

27-year-old Robin from Sweden was already a star at 17-years-old, when he appeared on the Swedish version of American Idol.

He’s a former motorcycle rider, which explains the following photo (who are we kidding, we never noticed the vehicle) –

We can’t all pull off a white shirt – but Robin sure can:

And that’s his song:

4. Manel Navarro – “Do It For Your Lover” / Spain

Oh, so THAT’S where they were keeping the twinks this year – in Spain!

21-year-old Manel was discovered on social media, as is often the case these days. He started with doing covers, and these days writes his own songs.

Here I am Madrid! Last rehearsals! I'm beyond excited! #Eurovision

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And here’s Manel and Nathan from Austria being BFFs:

Friendship never ends. @nathantrentmusic

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And that’s his music video, where he spends a lot of time being wet:

5. Hovig – “Gravity” / Cyrpus

If you prefer the more rugged look, 28-year-old Hovig certainly delivers. He tried to enter the Eurovision contest twice before (in 2010 and 2015), but only made it through in 2017.

Looking good:

Hovi having fun with Imri from Israel:

Now watch his music video, which is pretty hypnotizing:

Honorable mentions – Singers who didn’t make it to the Grand Final

These boys didn’t make it past the semi-finals, but they’re still in our hearts.

6. Slavko Kalezić – “Space” / Montenegro

With a very unique look (yes, he has a braid), and very unique abs, Slavko was a fan favorite who somehow didn’t make it to the finals. And that’s a shame, because:

So we’re left with his music video, where he ditches the shirt:

7. Brendan Murray – “Dying To Try” / Ireland

Oh look, another twink!

Unfortunately, 20-year-old Brendan did not make it past the semi-finals, even though he’s been a member of an Irish boyband, “Hometown”, since he was 17.

At least we can take comfort in his photos:

"I'm dying to try" @eurovision

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And his music video, which features him brooding as he walks across a grey beach, because life at 20 ain’t easy:

Good luck to all the contestants!