Grindr can be a sexy place, Grindr can be a weird and creepy place, and sometimes it can be hilarious. When this guy changed his Grindr profile to a pizza-themed one, some men were stumped, some were laughing, and some were STILL looking to hookup.

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Grindr Pizza profile


The man, who posted his creation and results on Reddit, changed his profile picture to that of a pizza, and wrote this as a description:

“Seeking a man to top me with some hot mozzarella before deepthroating me until I burst my cheesy load inside him.

I am the only one who really loves you. Find solace in my pepperoni and joy in my crust. I am pizza, I am life.”

Reactions of the other men on Grindr ranged between laughter:

grindr pizza happy

To those who just kept trying:

grindr pizza blowjob

To the just plain weird:

grindr pizza any cash

See the whole range of responses via this galley:

Pizza on Grindr