Love it or hate it, it’s hard to imagine the gay community today without Grindr. But when you’re in a relationship, isn’t it time to close the app? Or at least… do it if you SAID you’ll do it? Well, that’s no happened in this case.

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Man holding phone in bed

This all started for this guy on Reddit, a month ago, when he caught his boyfriend on Grindr. Twice. In the same week.

“We were supposedly in an exclusive relationship”, he writes. “When I called him out on it, he ended up gaslighting me, yelling at me, and breaking up with me. I was so devastated and hurt.”

But things didn’t stop there – and eventually got even more complicated…

“About a week after that we talked it out and got back together. During our talk, we emphasized again that it would be an exclusive relationship.


Today I caught him on Grindr. I can’t even say I was shocked. So, I messaged him with my blank profile and asked if he was looking to hook up and he said he was open.


I’m done. I’m so done. I’m MAD. When this happened the first time a month ago, you all told me to leave him, forget him and move on. And you all were right. Why did I give him a second chance?


Worst of all, I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed of myself for putting up with this. I feel like a fool who believed lies from a man who only knows how to lie, who never loved me, who was never honest or sincere about loving me.

I’m not calling him out on it this time. I’m just breaking up with him. Via text.


Because apparently that’s how deep our relationship was.

Most of the commenters were very supportive, with one suggesting the perfect comeback –

“To really hammer it home, break up with him on Grindr.”