It’s no secret we enjoy looking at Justin Bieber’s ripped body when he’s shirtless (yes, even with all the tattoos) – and sadly, his Instagram was kind of barren of those as of late.

However… rejoice! Bieber finally took his shirt off again, for a new set of dramatic, body-revealing photos on Instagram…

Justin Bieber shirtless on the street

Of course, this isn’t the first time the 24-year-old singer puts his impressive body on display. He stripped down in bed a few months ago to show off his tattoos, and he took his shirt off sensually for a shirt ad, and sometimes he even gets fully naked.

This week, Bieber was spending time on a beautiful beach, where he took (most) of his clothes off. The foreboding dark sky behind him, and Bieber’s posture, make it all pretty dramatic – but hey, we’re here for the abs.

His fans were understandably excited.

We’ll be watching out for more!