Here’s something you didn’t know about Justin Bieber: he helped invent a new shirt. It’s a t-shirt, but long. And it’s white. Ehh… Never mind – we’re here for his body, and Bieber certainly delivers in his new sensual ad.

Justin Bieber hanes t-shirt ad
Photo: YouTube

Justin’s new shirt was designed by stylist Karla Welch, after, according to Vogue, the popular singer came to her and demanded a special type of shirt – “tomorrow.”

“He was so fearless. [He said], ‘I want T-shirts that are long,’ and they literally didn’t exist in the marketplace. It was a bit of a nightmare.”

Karla then went to Kmart, bought a bunch of white t-shirts, took them apart, and then remade them into white t-shirts.

“Karla and I have always pushed boundaries together”, Bieber says, “and this collaboration is a continuation of that.”

Mr man Taron

You can see the results in this video – but let’s face it, you’re going to be focusing on his body WITHOUT the shirt. So enjoy:

h/t: Gay Times