Oh, Justin Bieber, how we’ve missed your shirtless selfies! Ever since the hot superstar closed his Instagram account, declaring Instagram was “for the devil”, we were constantly aching for more.

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Well, the thirst is over! Bieber is back on Instagram, and with a multitude of shirtless selfies.

Justin Bieber back on instagram shirtless selfie

It all started back in August, when Bieber’s fans on Instagram (more than 77 million of them) weren’t being nice to his then-rumoured girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Bieber threatened to close his Instagram account – and eventually made good on his threat.

At that point, fans who wanted to see Justin Bieber selfies, had to find other sources, such as… Justin’s father.

This week, however, following the release of a T-Mobile Super Bowl ad featuring Bieber, he is finally back on Instagram – and with his bang. Shirtless selfies, selfies in bed… everything we know and love.


Still hot:

Don’t stop: