It’s been a while since we had a good Justin Bieber shirtless selfie photo. Ever since Bieber closed his Instagram account, we haven’t had enough of Bieber’s nipples in our lives (though, sometimes, he shows them on stage).

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But today – finally! – we have a new Bieber selfie, complimentary of… Bieber’s dad, Jeremy.

Justin Bieber in a shirtless selfie posted by his dad Jeremy
Photo: Instagram

Justin’s dad has a history of talking about his son’s, well, assets. Earlier this year, when “those” naked photos of Justin spread like wildfire all over the internet, Daddy-Bieber took to Twitter to… eh… compliment his son, with a nudge-nudge, wink-wink photo of the 3rd tallest building in the world.

Today, Jeremy Bieber gave us some Instagram bliss, with a recent shirtless selfie of Justin.

We know it’s recent, due to the “Son of God” tattoo that Justin only got recently.

The photo is captioned “Built like I was now I’m fat lol #handsomeson”.


And if you want to compare… here’s Dad:

h/t: BreatheHeavy

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