Oh no he didn’t… well, he did. But he didn’t. Let us explain: Yesterday, Twitterverse and Supernatural fans were quite surprised to read a Tweet from Jared Padalecki regarding the size of his… penis. Even his co-star Jensen Ackles responded.

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Today, Jared finally gave an explanation of sorts…

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles Supernarual
Photo: The CW

It all started with a late night Tweet on Jared Padalecki’s official Twitter account, that said:

I don’t mind having a small penis

Jared Padalecki penis tweet

Jensen Ackles, who plays Jared’s brother Dean on Supernatural, was quick to respond:

Sharing with your friends is one thing…sharing with the world is another. Lock it up dude

While fans were debating the Tweet, and – let’s face it – the size of Jared’s penis, Jared eventually deleted the original Tweet, and wrote an explanation – his account was hacked! Sort of…because he blames his other co-star, Misha Collins, for the prank.

Of course, fans were quick to capture the original Tweet, so now we’ll always have this to look at:

Maybe it’s time for Jared to live up to his promise from last week, when he said he would show us a nude pole dancing video? It’ll help set things straight…