Jared Padalecki, the second half to Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, drove his fans wild yesterday, after promising them – and fellow Supernatural actor Misha Collins – a nude video of himself doing a pole dance, or some sort of exercise.

All in honour of “Hump Day”, AND Misha’s muscles.

Jared Padalecki supernatural
Photo: The CW

Unfortunately for all of us – Jared never delivered. Though, some fans have speculated that perhaps Misha received the video in a private message…

It all started when Misha Collins, who plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural, posted a GIF of himself doing some sexy “pole dancing” of sorts:

At that point, Jared responded by congratulating Misha, with a promise:

Mr man Taron

Alas, we never got to see this elusive nude video of Jared – though Misha was quick to respond:

The fans, of course, were disappointed, posting their own versions of a “Naked Jared” on Twitter.


We’ll just have to keep waiting for the real thing, then. Maybe on the next HumpDay…