While Viagra is a godsend for some, and generally getting a hard-on is a good thing, the men of Ringaskiddy, a small village in Ireland where a Viagra manufacturing plant is located – claim they’re getting TOO MUCH of a good thing.

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Ringaskiddy, a small village in County Cork, Ireland, has had a local Viagra plant since 1997. The villagers, Metro reports, claim the fumes from the factory are so strong, the local men get “inhuman sexual prowess” – and even the dogs walk around with hard-ons.

“One whiff and you’re stiff”, a local barmaid explained. “We’ve been getting the love fumes for years now for free. It’s amazing the number of people who come to this village, perhaps out of curiosity, and then never leave.”

Another resident said “I think that Viagra must have got into the water supply. I’m convinced that’s what happened at the very beginning before they were so closely regulated.”

Pfizer, the company behind the little blue pill, have rejected the claims, saying it’s all an “amusing myth.”

Won’t hurt to pay them a visit and try, right?