We’ve heard stories before about cats who making dating and sex harder to manage, and we’ve heard stories about people with strange pets. But… a pigeon? That flies in DURING sex?

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who went back home with a hot guy – only to have it all ruined in the middle of their sex.

“Went on a date last night, it had gone really well”, he writes, “we were both a little tipsy and he was hot. He asks if I want to come back to his place and winks.”

So far so good, until…

“We’re at his place, dick in ass, and I shit you not, suddenly a fucking pigeon flies into the room. Like a big city pigeon.

It lands on the headboard of his bed and starts cooing angrily and shaking its wings at me.

I freak the fuck out and pull out, and he starts laughing and says he completely forgot to tell me he has a pet pigeon with free flight in his apartment and starts petting it.

Who the fuck has a pet pigeon?? In retrospect it was pretty funny but honestly when the thing flew into the room I was so close to soiling his sheets.”

One commenter pinpointed the disappointment –

You were so close to a threesome.