What do you do when you’re used to sleeping naked – but then you get a cat, and you’re scared he’ll mistake your penis for a toy? That’s exactly what happened to one guy on Reddit.

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Cat with a man

The first important thing you should know, is that the guy posted this on the aptly named Reddit channel – “Big Dick Problems“. With that piece of information, read on:

So a cat lives with me now. I used to sleep naked before, due to the fact that I get erections several times while sleeping and you know it’s hella painful with a boxer on (Mine is 7×6).

Since the cat moved with me, I’m no longer feeling secure to let my boy outside his shelter. I always get scared that the cat will do something or think that it’s a toy to play with. Anyone sharing the same fear?

One Redditor had some sound advice, from personal experience:

I have two cats and similar size, it isn’t really a problem. They stare sometimes and have tried to smell/paw it, but I shoo them away and they understand that it isn’t something they should play with.

Now, these are my cats so they respect me, if this is a cat that moved in with you, or even worse you moved into its territory it might be hostile towards you?

But if it doesn’t show any other signs of hostility then you should be fine. More than likely a cat thinks it is some type of tail and they don’t typically attack tails, more likely to attack your hand if it feels threatened

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