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Cats are adorable. Hot guys are also adorable. But sometimes, when you want to have fun with a hot guy, that adorable cat might be in the way – which is what happened to this guy on Reddit.

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Handsome man with a cat

“We met on Grindr”, he writes. “We have a fun flirtatious time talking with each other and teasing, then we sit on his couch and watch some musicals and have fun the whole time.”

Great, right? But then comes the hairy problem:

I figured we’d gradually move to cuddling while watching, but AS SOON as his ass hits the couch, his (adorable, sweet, beautiful) cat runs up and plants herself on his lap.

I’ve never “dated” before, I thought we would be physical by now? For god’s sake we shook hands goodnight. I figure if he wasn’t interested he’d stop seeing me, but he keeps inviting me over and he seems enthusiastic??

Anyway I’m planning on lacing his bedroom with catnip so maybe the cat will vacate his crotch and I can actually make a move. There is no way this can go wrong, right?

One commenter, though, pointed to a bigger issue:

Wait you shook hands goodnight? Is he your boss? I’m going to go ahead and say the cat is the least of your issues right now.