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Dates can be a lot of fun, but they can also be awkward – and sometimes just plain weird. These are some of the strangest things the gay men of Reddit have heard during dates.

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1. Too much information

Sad man driving

Second date. He was driving. He pulls into a cemetery and points out his dead boyfriend’s gravestone.

2. Already familiar

Two shirtless men

After meeting in person someone from Ok Cupid: “ohhh I remember you, I fucked your roommate while you were making tacos a few months ago”!

3. Let me list the ways I don’t like you…

Man with a thumb down

I was on a “netflix and chill” type of date with a guy from grindr and pretty early on the date he said: “man.. you look way better than your pics.” (cool) Then he adds “But you’re not attractive, but I’m not either so I’m settling for you ha ha”. I thought he was being sarcastic… but then he listed reasons why I’m unattractive like your eyes are hooded, your lips are too thin, your skin looks rough.

 4. We might as well…

One gay guy I knew casually, asked if I wanted to go grab some food really quick and I said yes thinking it was more of a friendly hangout than a date. We get to Panda Express and start eating and the vibe is super casual and friendly, and then out of no where he starts hinting how bad he just needs a blow job or some type of release.

And I’m like yeah…. Ha ha.. Trying to just change the subject but he just kept hinting and I definitely wasn’t into this guy in the slightest. It was probably one of the most awkward “dates ever”

5. A difference of opinions

We get back to my place and we go into my room – he sees a couple of bumper stickers for some campaigns I’ve donated to (all super liberal candidates), and he starts to ask if I have them ironically.

I laugh in his face, say no, and it turns out that this guy is a MASSIVE Republican who has an effigy of Reagan shoved so far up his ass he might as well be named Nancy.

After a heated discussion of me basically calling him Hitler, the date ended.

6. Trapped in the wrong race

Man eating rice

White guy says to me: It’s totally ok you’re into Asians. I am an Asian trapped in a White man’s body. I eat rice everyday, listen to Mandarin music, I am essentially Asian… except I love my big white c**k and I am sure you will too.

7. What does it all mean?

Some guy I knew a while ago said that I have the ass of a black man. I guess it was a compliment? I don’t really know. I’m white/Hispanic.

8. Too soon?

We had met five minutes before and were still ordering drinks when he said – “Do you like my voice? Would you like to hear me screaming?”

 9. The morning after

Man confused

Not a date but the next morning: “Oh you’re the blonde one, I wanted the fuck the brown headed one. It was really good, I’m just surprised.”

10. We will live forever

Are you a vampire?

“Do you enjoy drinking blood?” – said to me on a date with a goth guy who looked something like a cross between Marilyn Manson and a young Mick Jagger.

11. Now what?

“I smoke marijuana to fight my back pain from sclerosis, migraines, and extreme OCD that can lead to homicidal tendencies.”

12. Not like the picture

Man holding a ruler

He told me “Your dick looks bigger in Your pictures, but It’s ok”. Ouch

13. So pretty

Told me my beard was so sexy he wanted to cut it off my face and wear it.

14. Dirty mind, dirty body

Man with bicycle

This guy comes over for a hook up. 1 hour late. I open the door and he’s dressed in a super tight spandexy bicycle outfit with an ugly helmet. First thing he says when I open the door is “do you have Kleenex, I got snot all over my face, I biked all the way here and I had snot leaking from my nose because of the wind”

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