Finding someone you know on Grindr can be awkward – especially when it’s a family member. But finding your married FATHER… who doesn’t know you’re gay… and who is apparently looking for twinks… that’s certainly more than awkward.

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This happened to this guy on Reddit, who came looking for advice following his startling revelation.

“I’m deep in the closet”, he writes, “and hookups on Grindr are my only way of releasing my sexual urges.” And he continues:

“Today I got the shock of my life, seeing my dad semi nude on Grindr, and open to twinks aged 18-25 (I’m 20 ffs).

Pretty surprising since he’s really homophobic and he’s never given the slightest hint he’s anything but straight. My parents never argued when I was still living with them, and they seemed really content with their relationship.

Also, he said if any of his sons were gay he would instantly overdose on sleeping pills (he was kinda joking), and I told him that wasn’t funny and he said, ‘yeah whatever, I guess I could take it, but I would be disappointed I made one of ‘them’’.

If I tell my mum he’s cheating on her I’ll have to tell her I’m gay and found him on Grindr. Or I could confront my dad and tell him to own up, even though that means coming out to him too. What the hell do I do?”