Veteran reality series Big Brother has always been pretty wild, all over the world. But the UK version of the show is often the raunchiest, as this year’s season clearly demonstrates.

[Straight] men kissing each other, gay AND straight men humping each other, men doing striptease shows… the fun never ends.

Big Brother UK Lotan and Tom
Photo: Channel 5

A few days ago, we were enjoying three of Big Brother’s men taking a shower… together. So if they’re already intimate enough to take a shower together… why not kiss?

Channel 5 pulled together a clip of the season’s hottest kisses (so far) – and it starts with bad boy Lotan Carter kissing Tom.

Lotan (who, by the way, insured his own penis) was booted out of the house this weekend for “aggressive” behaviour. But before that, he kissed Tom. Apparently, there was tongue.

The kissing compilation also shows the openly gay Raph kissing Kieran. The two have already shared a sexy moment when, on a dare, Kieran spread Raph’s legs wide and… just watch:

And if all that’s not enough for you – there was that time Lotan and Arthur did a striptease session together.

h/t: Gay Times