Lotan Carter, a stripper, dancer and upcoming UK Big Brother participant, was so afraid something would happen to one of his tools of the trade – his penis – that he insured it for 12 Million British pounds (15 million dollars).

And it’s a good thing he did – because he already managed to injure it a couple of times.

Lotan Carter
Photo: Instagram

Lotan, who is 28-years-old, will be entering the Big Brother house next week. He works as a stripper for “The Dreamboys”, and has been in the business ever since he was 21.

According to The Sun, Lotan insured his penis after a fellow stripper was injured – right “there” – and had to stop working for two weeks.

His girlfriend at the time, Tanya, remembers Lotan coming home from work, with a declaration:

“One of the lads at work had an accident. A fan grabbed his tackle a bit too hard and he’s had to take two weeks off work. We’ve had to take out insurance on our members. Now my willy’s worth £12m!”

A short while later, according to Tanya, Lotan managed to injure his penis twice – once when they were having wild sex, and again when he tried to keep his erection going for a show, with… a rubber band.

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Good thing he had insurance, then!