We’re already used to super-hot photos of actor and singer Ashley Parker Angelsometimes nude, and sometimes with his big bulge front and center.

Well, happily his bulge is back – but this time, even though he’s not technically naked – he really did leave very little to the imagination…

Ashley Parker Angel new fitness bulge
Photo: Instagram

36-year-old Ashley Parker Angel used to be part of MTV’s O-Town boy-band, he’s also an actor, and these days he’s on one of his “90 Days Of Fitness” challenges.

In his latest Instagram post, Ashley wrote a lengthy message about performance, and motivation, and hard work. But his fans found it a bit hard to concentrate on the words. Here’s why:

Take a second right now to think about your performance when you didn't believe a good outcome was possible. 🤔 Maybe you got some bad news or experienced a setback but you still found a way to push through and make it happen. 👊🏼 For example, I rarely get sick but during this last cold / flu, I did my best to remember that there's a powerful beauty in being ugly but effective and having a "good bad day" (UBE + GBD). This is when you're not at your best but you keep grinding it out. ✊🏼 It’s the unhealthy perfectionists in us (*waving to my old self!*) who struggles with this the most — thinking they should be able to get through the day perfectly and that if they don’t, it’s a sign of something being wrong with them. 😵 (Haha) Sometimes we get knocked off our game for one reason or another and during those times we need to embrace the reality that (tragically) we will *never* be perfect. When the inevitable bad day comes along, rather than beating ourselves up, we simply say, “No big deal. Back to work.” ⚡️ So… How’s your ugly? Here’s to being ugly but effective and having good bad days! #UBE + #GBD! ✌🏼#Day58 #90DaysOfFitness

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One commenter had this to say: “Pretty rough to take inspiration from someone who has clearly fluffed, placed, and displayed his dick.”

But hey, we’re definitely not complaining – on the contrary.

Soak and Shake 🛁 #tbt

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