We love former boy-band star Ashley Parker Angel, so any excuse to stare at his nude body is welcome. And after a long dry spell, we finally get some eye candy from him – thank God for laundry day!

Ashley Parker Angel bathtub
Photo: Instagram

36-year-old Ashley Parker Angel is a singer and model who is no stranger to getting naked on Instagram, or showing us his impressive bulge. This time – we’re in naked territory.

“Things to do while waiting for laundry to dry??”, Ashley asked his more than 200,000 Instagram fans in the caption. Well, while you’re thinking, have a look:

And if you want some more glimpses at Ashley’s latest 100 Days of Fitness Challenge, there you go:

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TAG SOMEONE WHO COULD USE SOME MOTIVATION! ✊🏼 ___________________ When it storms I want to hunker down under the covers, get lost in a good book and a warm cup of coffee until the sun comes out again. On a symbolic level, all of us have to endure the storms of life. Something, somewhere, someday will go wrong. It's inevitable. When it does, we feel lost. Not sure which direction to take. We may feel adrift, even abandoned. ⛈ ____________________ I remember when I first auditioned for the TV series "Making The Band". I had just turned 18 years old. My life was in a downward spiral. I had a huge falling-out with my family, I had no where to live. My car (an old beat up 1972 Chevy Nova) overheated and caught fire on the freeway, completely destroying it. I remember feeling envious of kids who had cars while I rode my bike everyday to my two minimum wage jobs. I was using what little money I had to pay for acting classes. I learned about a casting orchestrated by Lou Pearlman (creator of Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC) who was auditioning singers for a new boyband. The audition was in Vegas and I had no money for a last minute plane ticket. Somehow I convinced my acting teacher to let me borrow the money with the promise I'd pay it back. My boss said to choose between the audition or being employed. I quit on the spot. The day of the audition I was the last person in line. I stood in line for hours. By the time I got in front of the panel of judges I was nervous, starving and hungry but I took a deep breath and did my best. The rest is history. 🙌🏼 ___________________ I don't tell this story to impress you but rather to impress upon you that overcoming obstacles and weathering the storm is an essential part of your story. While my story is different than yours, trust me when I say YOU have the same ability to overcome whatever challenges you're facing to accomplish your dreams, NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE. Never give up, never stop believing and please never stop trying. Don't stop digging cuz you might be three inches from GOLD. And when it storms, don’t be afraid to face that bitch head-on because you’ll be the first one standing when the sun comes out.☀️#Day21

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And that bulge again:

We’ll keep watching!