Back by popular demand, former boy-band star Ashley Park Angel is doing his “100 Days Of Fitness” challenge again – and on Day 3, it’s not just his fit body on display – but a certain, ehm, very prominent bulge.

Ashley Parker Angel new fitness bulge
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The 36-year-old singer and model, Ashley Parker Angel, recently finished his previous 100 Days Of Fitness with a treat for us – a nude (well, almost) photo. Then, on his birthday, he was, actually, wearing his birthday suit (plus shoes).

Now, Ashley is wearing boxers again, but they’re kind of… tight. VERY tight. Leaving very little (or should I say – big) to the imagination.

The caption was asking fans to comment with an answer to the question “What motivates you?” there were some interesting answers there – but really, how can that bulge not be the star of the show?

And while we’re at it, Day 2 of the fitness challenge looked like that:

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Good Morning ☀️What time do you wake up⁉️ It's Day 2 of the #100DaysOfFitness Challenge. My favorite time to workout is first thing in the morning🤘🏼 ___________________________________________ 💢If you’re struggling with fitness goals, working out in the morning may really help you because there is a science behind accomplishing your most challenging task FIRST. It's outlined in a great book on mastering self-discipline called EAT THE FROG 🐸 ___________________________________________ It works because your willpower gets exhausted as the day goes on. Energy gets “spent” the longer we’re awake. Tackling your most difficult challenge when you have the most energy is not only smart, it's easier. Once you use your willpower to make your morning habit about knocking out your fitness goals it will become automatic 👊🏼✔️

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And this was Day 1:

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✖️Back by popular demand, today is DAY 1 of a new #100DaysOfFitness 👊🏼#NewYork Edition. 🏙______________________________________________________ It’s been amazing to be back in NYC, but moving to a new city can present challenges to a routine and staying on top of your regimen and diet ✅ My goal with the next 100 days is to have transformative physical and mental results like never before and I want you to take this journey with me. ______________________________________ I'll be more active on Instagram, not just posting pictures everyday but interacting with you and answering questions you have about fitness, diet and overall healthy, productive lifestyle.🏋🏼 ____________________________________ My biggest challenge is always diet and eating correctly so step 1 is food prepping and stocking up with healthy choices. A gym routine is vital but just as crucial (and most neglected) is a food routine.✔️ I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on every aspect of my challenge so turn on post notifications right now to make sure you don’t miss out anything along the way‼️ What do you want to see more of during the next 100 Days challenge⁉️ Pop your questions below so I’ll know what to cover 🤘🏼

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Oh, and that was the intro. Sort of: