Last year – that is, about a week ago – we showed you popular YouTuber and social media star Joey Gentile’s very impressive and very naked, Christmas photoshoot. It’s now 2018, and Joey is… still naked, and just as hot in his latest photoshoot. There’s also cake.

Joey Gentile naked new year
Photo: Ian Argo, Instagram

It was but a year ago, that 24-year-old Joey bared his bum for a celebration of 30,000 followers on Instagram. By now he has more than 60,000, and it’s in large part thanks to photos like these:

(make sure you swipe – there are two photos in this batch)

And if that’s not enough for you, Joey also did some… “Food Porn”. With cake.

And here’s a short behind-the-scenes video that shows what happened right after:

And we’ll end with a sauna, because, you know – sweaty.

Here’s to a happy (and naked) 2018!