Uber rides are usually quiet and comfortable. But sometimes, you get more than what you bargained for, which is what happened to YouTuber Joey Gentile.

Joey Gentile
Photo: Dorian Whitney / Instagram

“Me and my friend called an Uber”, he begins the story. “We got inside, and you could tell something was up. We dropped my friend at his house, I walked him in then went back out to the car… and the doors were locked.”

And that’s when things got weird:

I knocked on the door and he opened the window and said “Come sit in the front with me.”

And the driver started telling me about his girlfriend, how much he loves her… then all of a sudden, I don’t know how it got brought up, I didn’t say anything about being gay, he said “I’ve always had this fantasy…”

Then he started asking me questions – Would you ever let a guy suck your dick? I just ignored it, and he continued. “Come on man, I really want to know more about you…”

And he kept saying he’s not gay, he just really wants to try it…

When we arrived, he put his hand on my knee. “I have a question for you…”

Watch the full video right here:

A day later, Joey posted a follow-up video, responding to some of the hate comments that were written in in response to his Uber story:

Oh, and here’s Joey in a DIFFERENT car: