Earlier this month, UK singer and X-Factor star Sam Callahan said he’s “Always Naked” – without actually being naked at the time. Well, good news – today he is, and on Instagram for our enjoyment.

Sam Callahan not porn
Photo: Instagram

23-year-old Sam Callahan was an X-Factor contestant back in 2013, and is now also a model, an actor, and a reality TV star (with leaked sex videos, as is often the case.).

In a photo posted today, showing Sam standing – naked – in front of a big window, he wrote: “Today, no f*cks shall be given!” – Well, good.

Apparently he was in Perth, Australia – and we got to see one side of this photo… And that’s what that looks like:

His fans were thrilled, naturally, commenting things like “I could look at that bum all day” and “You should give no fucks every day and walk around naked!”. Indeed…

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No we only wish we were standing on the other side of that window.