Gay guys aren’t the only ones who use lube – but it’s definitely more common for gay sex. So when a woman found a packet of lube in her husband’s “Magic: The Gathering” bag, she got very suspicious and came to Reddit for help.

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Holding a bag

Turns out, the husband goes twice a week to play “Magic: The Gathering” with his male friends. So… why would he need lube for a collectable card game? Hmm…

He has a book-bag that he puts all his MTG cards and materials in. The people he plays with are male. And I’ve never seen any females around these gatherings he goes to play.

So one day I was looking for a pen in this book-bag of his and in a small side pocket I found a small personal sized packet of LUBRICANT??!! What The Hell?! 

Someone please shed some insight or give an opinion on this item being in his MTG book-bag. It was not in his wallet so I was thinking if it’s in his MTG book-bag that is when he was intending to use it?

But when he goes they normally pick him up and they are big MTG players as well so why the need for lube if he is just going to play MTG??

I’m so upset! And on a side note all the years my husband and I have been together (which is 25, years he is 42) I have never known him to use lubricant during sex or in his past relationships. Is he having a relationship with one of these men?

The Redditors were quick to offer… “advice”:

  • So, he doesn’t use lube ever, but you found a sample-sized packet of lube. Did you consider that maybe it’s exactly what it looks like? A sample? Is there an expiration date on it?
  • How can I join that MTG group?
  • Everyone knows “Friday Night Magic” is just code for “gay orgy.”
  • I think I’d rather my husband were having an affair than playing magic the gathering twice a week.


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