Dominic Whelton is ready for a serious relationship. But for that to happen, the 23-year-old YouTuber had to ditch Grindr – and in a new video, he explains why.

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“That’s not to say I haven’t had some fun on Grindr”, he says… but there’s a but.

Dominic Whelton

“I feel like I’m ready for a serious relationship and someone I can share my life with”, Dominic says in the beginning of the video. But Grindr’s not the answer.

“With Grindr, at first I used to show my face all the time, but then I would start running into so many people in town that messaged me and I didn’t message back, or that I had talked to…

And I would be out at the club and… this is really bad. You run into people and it makes it awkward.

I want to build a relationships from scratch, the old-fashioned way. My ideal relationship is meeting someone through friends or in an organic way.

The problem with Grindr is that it throws you straight into a hookup or straight into dating, and you don’t get the chance to get to know if you’re even compatible with someone until you date them for a while. Then two months go by, and you find out you’re not compatible, and it’s too late…”

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