What do you do when your first gay experience feels like it came out of a porn film – but also leaves you in shock? Dominick had such an experience in his gym’s shower.

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Dominic Whelton
Photo: Instagram

Dominick Whelton is a 23-year-old gay YouTuber, who decided to let us in on his first “gay experience” – which doesn’t mean exactly what you think it means.

“I kid you not, it’s straight right out of a porno”, he begins his story. “It freaked me out. I was shook when it happened.”

And he tells the rest of the story:

It happened when I was 18 and I wasn’t out yet at that point.

I had been going to the gym pretty consistently, and I started showering there. I admit – I was doing it because I would get in the locker room to see some hot people sometimes. But I had never acted on anything – I was so scared.

One day, I had cut my workout short. I undressed, I put on my towel, went into the sauna, and there were three older men in there. I was not paying attention to them, and left for the showers.

The showers there were like a hallway with 5 showers on each side. I was showering for less than 5 minutes, when one of the guys from the sauna walks all the way and goes to the shower right across from me. I looked over and he was looking at me and we made eye contact.

Is this guy looking at me? Is this a thing? What’s going on?

I look over again, and I swear to god – he had opened his shower curtain. My heart was beating so fast. This is not happening!

I start freaking out in the shower… then I look over again and he’s opened it even more. And he was standing where it was open so I could see him fully naked.

And I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, because this is like some hot fantasy… 5 MINUTES later I look over again – and this is where things got intense.

Watch the full video to hear what happened next: