YouTuber Zach Garcia who does videos along with his dog Bronson, shares the worst date with a guy he ever had, on his latest video. It involves a Grindr meetup, a shady guy, and some throwing up…

Zach G
Photo: YouTube

“Rule number 1”, Zach begins his story – “Don’t date somebody that you meet on Grindr. Every once in a while there are really cool guys there, but they are very few and far between. It’s really just a hookup app.”

But he DID try to date a guy he met on Grindr – and the results were less than spectacular:

I met this guy, we’ll call him Steve. We started talking, he was really interesting to talk to. That was the first red flag – he was into everything that I was into.

We’ve been talking for a month or two, and he wanted to meet up.

The night comes, I pick him up at his place, and I was nervous. I assumed he was nervous too because he didn’t say a word.

As we were talking I got the sense that he hadn’t represented himself a %100 truthfully. I asked him about stuff and he tried to make up answers.

The check comes, I already intended to pay for him, but when it came he said “You’re paying, right?” – and to me that was rude. I said whatever and paid for it.

Next we were planning to go to a bar downtown. As he got more and more trashed he became more obnoxious and rude to everybody around him, he started arguing with everybody.

I made the decision to go, when he comes up to me and says “give me your card so I can buy drinks”. You do not ask for my card. I do not know you, you should have your own money.

At this point I was ready for the date to be done. He got really combative at first, but after 5 minutes of convincing him, he agrees to leave.

At this point, Zach is at least determined to make sure the guy gets back to his home safely – but things take an even worse turn from there…

Watch the full story right here:

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