The internet is still, unfortunately, full of homophobic idiots, and gay YouTubers have to deal with many of them. Popular Irish YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf sat down with his friend Hannah, to read some of those comments.

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Riyadh - Reading Mean Comments
Photo: YouTube

From “Disgusting homosexual”, to “This is just what the world needs – another fag wanting to be a fag and cry about something”, these are quite troubling – but at least Riyadh and Hannah manage to have amusing reactions.

And when Riyadh is called “Attention seeking slut”, he reveals that he hasn’t had sex for… two months. “How can I be a slut?!”. Oh, but then… there’s a twist.

Plus, Riyadh learns some surprising truths about kissing women, and we get to hear mean comments aimed at Hannah as well.

Watch the full video right here: