We can always count on Davey Wavey to give us the most important guides. So after discussing brojobs and “straight” boyfriends, Davey is back, along with his pal Colby Melvin, giving you the ultimate bible for the gay bottom.

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Davey Wavey's Guide To Gay Bottoms
Photo: YouTube

Some of the things we’ve learned from watching the video:

  • There are no “Tops” or “Bottoms” – it’s just a preference
  • If you’re planning to bottom – better to douche first
  • Davey had a painful incident with a razor… be careful when you shave certain parts!
  • Sex toys are a great way to loosen up
  • “Bottom Shaming” isn’t funny! And really doesn’t make any sense…
  • You should ask your doctor about fisting (Now that’s an awkward appointment…)

Watch the video right here – just be careful, it’s kind of graphic…