Going to the men’s room can be an unpleasant experience (well, SOMETIMES it can be a pleasant experience, but that’s for a different article).

It’s all a bit awkward, and sometimes you see things you haven’t planned to… which is what happened to popular singer Troye Sivan yesterday.

Troye Sivan
Photo: Instagram

The Australian, 22-year-old openly gay singer, took to Twitter to share a “shocking” experience he had while going to the toilets yesterday.

A bit shook because this guy at the urinal pulled his pants and undies below his bum to pee

Some of Troye’s fans (mainly the female ones, who are not verse in male urinal etiquette), failed to understand why that’s out of the ordinary. Troye was quick to explain that, as we know, you’re supposed to just… “Get it out.”

From there, a discussion began, whether the man might be rich, and what Troye should have done about it…

This isn’t the first time Troye Sivan shares awkward moments on Twitter – there was that time his mother texted him his own leaked nude photo, plus that time he accidentally texted a flirty message to a sound technician.

We’ll keep watching, because awkward moments is what we do!