With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to pick a costume. And if you want to party as a couple – YouTubers Trent and Luke, a married couple from the U.K., are here with some marvellous (and kind of scary. And kind of sexy) ideas.

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Trent and Luke Halloween costumes for couples

After raiding a costumes store in Camden, they’ve really pulled out all the stops with some impressive make up and production values.

They start with a “Vampire Boyfriends” outfit (yes, vampires are still kind of hot even in this day and age), then they move on to the questionable “hit” of 2016 – scary clowns, then a suicide squad themed costume, and finally – sexy dead lovers (now that’s a term I didn’t think I would ever write).

These are all pretty impressive, but with some work and inspiration from the video, you can get similar results before your Halloween party.

Watch the full video right here: