Olympic medalist Tom Daley is known for his sexy, hilarious innuendos, splashed across his videos, often along with hubby Dustin Lance Black. This time, however, there’s a Twitter feud brewing, after Tom managed to insult… Lance’s balls.

Tom Daley dustin lance black easter

It all started with Tom’s latest video on his YouTube channel. He often posts cooking videos (like the time he got shirtless with the Topless Baker), and this time was joined by “Deliciously Ella” to create Peanut Butter and Raspberry Protein Energy Balls.

On Twitter, Tom promoted the video by writing:

The most delicious balls I have ever had!

This alone was enough to prompt concerned responses from his fans.

And –

Well, someone went ahead and snitched to Lance! Who was, naturally, embarrassed by the statement:

Fans were giving advice left and right –

But worry not – an observant fan noticed that on Instagram, Tom realized his mistake, and changed the wording to “Some of the best balls I have ever had”

And we’re not even going to take about the fact that these are Protein Balls… Watch the full video, balls and all, right here: