Like it or not (we’re on the side of Like), Olympic diver Tom Daley’s tiny, tight swim trunks have been a topic of ongoing discussion.

In a recent photo Tom posted on Instagram, fans quickly noticed a very prominent… bulge – and now they’re wondering where he manages to hide that thing when he’s wearing those tiny trunks.

Tom Daley on the beach
Photo: Instagram

Tom Daley visited Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter tour in London with his husband Dustin Lance Black. At first, Tom just posted a photo of him and Lance drinking butter beer:

Then, Tom posted an Instagram story involving a moving broomstick. His fans, however, were quick to notice a… different stick, kind of visible in Tom’s pants.

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The comments ranged from “Check out Tom’s stick in his pants” to “Wow I want to ride on his wand” – and hey, can we blame them?